It’s near the end, will I see the Valkyrie

Feel the Force from within to the sky
Ripping the flesh, blood dripping from the inside
Hear the call like a wave from the sea
Pulling and pushing I struggle to be free

I see through the veil projecting into death’s trance
Visions of light begin to move bend and dance
I taste the smell of wild flowers in the wind
And smell the taste of fear growing deep within

Ohm – Kree – Kree – Korr – Kai – Corvus
Ohm – Kree – Kree – Korr – Kai – Corvus
Ohm – Kree – Kree – Korr – Kai – Corvus

They choose who lives or dies by the light flickering inside
Blood drenched golden dream, the carrion crow my queen
I pray for Odin’s strength, may my blood be the ravens drink
Under raven’s claws, I wake within the golden halls


from 77+ (7​+​7​)​/​7 +77​=​156, track released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Zā Lä Thü Enterprise, Alabama

Zā Lä Thü is an occult based recording project that strives to influence reality through controlled thought-form projections into the outward manifestation of sonic resonance.

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